Ismael Gudiño

Designer and Illustrator, multidisciplinary. Professor of Visual Language of the Industrial Design career at UCASAL.
He fuses Art and design. Capturing on different types of supports and with different techniques.

His work has a very personal language, which seeks to be complex in his intention, but simple in its manifestation, which is innocent and provocative at the same time, which allows him to innovate, risk and finally… communicate.


I specialize in giving identity to new and existing brands. I don't make logos, I create brands.
I can create universes that do not exist or illustrate your message to support your communication.
Create spaces with art, impress, impact, get to tell a story on a wall with many or few strokes.
Interior Design
Generate emotions, look for spaces that generate feelings, satisfaction, full of livable warmth and with a lot of positive energy.
Product creation
I love tangible products so much! I love to feel the smell of materials or generate textures that give life to a 3D object. Intervening it artistically is another of my passions.

Art is in all my expression, in my interiors, in my objects, in my brands. We can put art on everything!


Renzo D'Angelo
Renzo D'Angelo
Together with Ismael I have created the visual identity of new brands and my experience has been fantastic, not only because of his dedication and artistic and professional background, but also because of his human quality. It's nice to do projects with it!
Ramiro Conti
Ramiro Conti
Senior UX
Ismael showed me not only a high quality of illustration and resolution of graphic pieces, but also an autonomy to solve problems and handle small to large projects, from banners to video games and presentations.
Emiliano Córdoba
Emiliano Córdoba
Live Producer
Ismael is one of the best workers that I know. He is very capable to work in a big team and lead the 2D artist design. He is fast, and very good on his work. I recommend Ismael without doubt.
Chas Watkins
Chas Watkins
Ismael is a very creative and hardworking individual. I have every confidence in his work and would hire him instantly if he was available.
Friendly people who trust my work